For further questions or remarks concerning the study, please mail to:

Study visit

In case you are invited for a study visit, you can register your visit at the reception of the clinic of the Institute of Tropical Medicine (Kronenburgstraat 43/3 2000 Antwerpen).


Public transport

From Antwerp Central Station

Subway n°9 or 15 – stop: Groenplaats – take exit Nationalestraat – follow Nationalestraat for 1km.

From Berchem Station

Tram n°4 (direction: Lambermontplaats) – stop: Volksstraat – the institute is 50m further.

With Velo

VELO: 072

There is a Velo-stand near the ITM, Kronenburgstraat, right across the entrance of the clinic.

Additional information

More information about trams and busses: De Lijn
More information about Velo: Vélo.


You can find free parking at: Vlaamsekaai.